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MNMuM Studio was established in Spring 2018 by Peter Secan. After a year of traveling, he found the things he loved most was finding simplicity in the act of living. He took his decade of design, architecture, and construction experience and applied it to his own workshop with a clear goal of establishing that simplicity in everything it creates. Searching rigorously for the root of a design problem will always result in a solution that is good, appropriate, and speaks to the fundamental spirit of how we live.

MNMuM Studio seeks out projects of all scales that might initially seem complex, odd, or even impossible. Finding the most obvious solution in the face of these constraints is what they work the hardest to unearth. It’s always there, you just have to know where to dig.

MNMuM Studio LLC

1111 E. Pike Street #503 | Seattle, WA 98122

520.400.3868 |